Due to the significant importance of the geological science in oil and gas industry, Petro Pazhouhesh Ahoura company began to produce high quality necessary equipment in geology field.



Thin sectioning machine is designed for preparation of thin sections which can be used to geological, metallurgical, electronical studies. There are several steps in thin section preparation which need various tools, machines and materials. Two main and critical steps in thin section preparation are cutting and grinding of mounted chip (a piece selected sample for thin sectioning) on glass slide. During thin section preparation procedure, the thickness of the selected sample must be reached to 35 micron (geological thin sections) so, during the cutting and grinding steps, lowest thickness of remained sample on the glass slide is crucial.



Motor: 3000 rpm

Cutting Disk: Diamond Blade 400

Grinding Disk: CBN 400

Vacuum Filter: 250 cc

Body Material: Stainless Steel



This polarizing light microscope is designed for both geological and mineralographical studies and purposes. Its 360o rotating universal stage is unique for mineralogy and detection of the extinction angle of minerals. The polarizing light system is designed and adjusted by PPA which gives us the exact birefringence of the studied minerals. There are several objective lenses with 4x to 100x magnifications which different scales of the study are possible. Also, its visual domain is wider than other commercial microscopes. At the time of production the stage and light system are adjusted together and the microscope is always centered. Its compacted size and low weight (about 3kg) are other characteristics of this microscope.



Binocular head, 0° to 360° rotating
Wide field eyepieces WF10X / 18mm
Universal stage 360° rotating; Gentle and soft rotation; Sample holders by order
Semi Plan 4x, 10x, 40x (spring), 100x (spring,oil); 2.5x by order
Coaxial coarse and fine focusing adjustment

PPA polarizing system

Retardation plate
Focusable 1.25 N.A Abbe condenser
Iris diaphragm

Green, blue and yellow light filters
Halogen illum. 12V/20W with intensity control
Main supply 220V-240V (CE)
Dimensions: L x 550; W x 250; H x345 mm
Weight: Gross. 9; Net. 6.60 Kg