Different simple and reasonable price systems are needed for educational purposes in universities to provide a better understanding of petrophysical and geological parameters for students. We manufacture simple systems to measure basic parameters such as porosity and permeability for application in educational institutes and universities.



Gas Permeameter is a basic system for training students which measures sample gas permeability (air, nitrogen, or helium) by the steady-state method. The instrument is designed to inject the gas to the test sample at various pressure and flow rate conditions. The injection pressure at the core face is measured by a pressure transducer and the gas flow rate is measured by a precision mass flow meter. A spreadsheet is designed to calculate the gas permeability by the measured data.


Permeability Range: 1md to 1 Darcy

Core diameter: 1.5”

Core length: 1” to 3”

Flow Pressure: Up to 100 psi

Gas flow: 0-500 cc/min

Temperature: Ambient

Pressure transducer accuracy: 0.1 % F.S.

Flow meter accuracy: 1 % F.S




The automated helium gas expansion porosimeter is used for direct measuremet of grain and pore volumes in an auxiliary cell at isothermal conditions based on the Boyles law. Subsequently, porosity and grain density can be derived from the measured data. Data acquisition system is designed for data logging, calculations, and calibration.


Core diameter: 1” and 1.5”

Core length: up to 3”

Porosity Range: up to 60%

Pressure sensor accuracy: 0.1% F. S

Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.01 °C

Temperature:  Ambient

Cell pressure: up to 120 psi



Liquid Permeameter is a manual system designed for teaching concept to measure absolute liquid permeability of plug sized core samples at room conditions. The liquid permeability calculation is based on the Darcy’s law. The system is equipped with a precision pressure transmitter, a fluid transfer vessel and a stainless steel core holder. This low cost apparatus is a useful tool for educational purposes.



Permeability Range: 0.1 md to 4 Darcy
Core diameter: 1.5”
Core length: 1” to 3”
Flow Pressure: up to 100 psi
Confining pressure: up to 600 psi
Temperature: Ambient
Pressure sensor accuracy: %0.1 F.S.



A core flooding system is a system that flows a fluid (liquid or gas) through a core sample at controlled conditions and measure flow parameters these systems can be used for:

  • EOR test and research
  • Water flooding
  • Steady state permeability measurements
  • Relative permeability measurements (U.S.S)
  • Flow distribution in multi-layered reservoirs
  • Formation damage tests


Pressure: Up to 400 bar

Injection Pump: HPLC pump

Back Pressure: Up to 400 bar

Pressure Transmitter: 2x, 400 bar

Pressure Transmitter Accuracy: 0.1 % Full Scale

Transfer Vessel: 2x Up to 400 bar

Core Holder: Up to 400 bar

Temperature: Up to 150

Data acquisition system: PC-Based