Before you able to perform the routine and special core analysis, it is required to prepare the core samples with high precision. To ensure that the tests do not fail, the regularity of the cylindrical shape and the smoothity of the core sections are of great importance. With the help of many experiences in this field, Petro Pazhouhesh Ahoura has been able to offer high-performance equipment for core preparation.



Our plugging machine category includes a variety of plugging machines with different specifications used to cut smaller core plugs from whole cores.  For different RCAL and SCAL studies. PPA provides  a  variety   of  Diamond-tipped coring bits, which allows the user to prepare different plug samples with various diameters from 1.5 ” to 5” Water cooling system provides rapid and efficient cutting without any damage to the bit and the system. and the plugging machine includes  water pump, water tank, flexible hose, water swivel, and drainage tray.



Coring bit internal diameter: 1” to 1.5”
Maximum coring depth: 5”
Compatible coolant: Water
Drill speed: Adjustable
Motor power: 2500 Watts



PPA core cutting system category includes a variety of cutting machines with different specifications, used to cut and slab whole core samples. In some models, additional facilities for trimming core plugs are also provided. A variety of blades with segmented and continuous diamond rims are utilized for cutting and slabbing whole cores for RCAL and Geological studies. The machine includes a water cooling system for rapid and efficient cutting without any damage to the blade and the machine.



Blade diameter: 350 mm
Maximum cutting depth: 10 cm

Maximum core length: Up on request
Compatible coolant: Water
Rotation speed: 3000 RPM
Motor power: 2500 Watts