Petro Pazhouhesh Ahoura Company by employing petroleum engineers has been working on simulation and modeling services to complement its laboratory services. Using simulators for reservoir evaluation, oil recovery enhancement, well stimulation and production enhancement are such the activities in the field of engineering services.

Production Enhancement and Stimulation

To design a successful strategy to enhance production of a well different approaches are considered. Our expert team offer comprehensive study for different operations such as acidizing, hydraulic fracturing, acid fracturing, and remedial of formation damage to improve the recovery from an individual well. We are beside you to design appropriate tests, perform experimental studies, provide comprehensive modeling studies, and recommend the best solutions for any stimulation operation.

Water flooding and EOR Services

To apply successful water flooding and EOR operations in the pilot or field scale, different experimental and modeling studies are needed. Our team provide the comprehensive consultancy to design and study different scenarios at the lab scale to achieve the best approach for EOR/water flooding operation. We design different tests to analyze performance of chemicals such as surfactants and polymers, to select the best gas/water injection scenario, and to study the effect of thermal EOR methods on CBR to improve the oil recovery.

Simulation Studies

Our expert modeling team provide lab/field simulation studies based on data measured and obtained by experimental work. We offer different modeling studies to design the best operational strategy for oil and gas recovery processes at the field scale.

Application of Nanotechnology

As a research based company, we offer new and innovative solutions to solve oil and gas operational problems by novel methods such as nanomaterials. Several Nano materials are designed and tested to reduce formation damage, alter wettability and improve the oil recovery.